Is it time to think about replacing your clutch?

The clutch is a crucial part of any manual car, and controls the amount of engine power that goes to the wheels via the gearbox. Clutches have various different parts which have different responsibilities - from drive plates to cover assemblies, bearings, concentric slave cylinders, flywheels and more.

If your vehicle starts to produce significant low frequency vibrations, a burning smell, or is jolting or struggling to move the car despite the engine accelerating, bring it into us at Martins Motors @ Slocombes and we will carry out your clutch replacement at a great, affordable price.

Gearbox and transmission repair in Willesden

Our experienced technicians are able to undertake a wide range of repairs to your gearbox & transmission. This can often be more cost effective that purchasing a reconditioned gearbox or even a brand new one.

We can strip down a gearbox and give you the cost for repair, to ensure you don't overpay for what may be a simple job.

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